Why Oyster for Enlive?

Oyster Technologies and Enlive make security awareness training simpler. We deliver a versatile learning management system designed to bring flexible learning to your employees.We have certified engineers to support, advise and deploy Enlive LMS at scale for our customers.

Oyster Technologies plays an essential role in the ecosystem of Enlive due to our broad experience and in-depth understanding of the platform.


Enlive LMS was carefully built by professionals with strong domain expertise. Enlive will revolutionize the employee security training now and into the future. With learner’s perspective approach and collaborated capabilities on a single platform, you have better control over your training needs.

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Enlive LMS

Enlive is a smooth, simple, versatile and user-friendly system that provides effective learning to its users whilst being easy to implement and maintain for its administrators. Enliveseasy scalability and flexible deployment ensures a large growth potential, and will exponentially save both time and money. It accomplishes this by reducing the overall costs of training, by having all training resources in one location, online, and easily accessible.

Employees can go through the training at their own pace, revisit what they need to, and be taught via the uploaded resources so there is no need for extra costs such as training rooms, printing costs, and training leaders.

Enlive will also improve your institution’s overall organization, as it guarantees that all employees have received the correct in-depth training that is required for their job and prepares them with all of the skills they will need to succeed.

Having Enlive will increase your productivity and efficiency as it won’t waste time or effort to set up, use, or maintain. This intuitive revolutionary LMS is what every organization needs, Enlive is simple and easily accessible, no matter your requirements, this paired with state-of-the-art functionality makes sure Enlive is the LMS of the future.

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