Cloud SOC identifies malicious or inappropriate data

Symantec Cloud SOC Gateway enables enterprises to continuously monitor and control the use of cloud applications. Symantec Cloud SOC identifies malicious or inappropriate data sharing,malware threats, credential attacks and more, and react with policy response in real-time. Security Incidents happen.

Cloud SOC

Get the what, when, who and how information you need to respond quickly to a security event in the cloud, and automate escalations with Symantec CloudSOC.

Gain deep visibility into user activity across thousands of cloud apps and services, and enforce granular content and context-based policies. Rank risky behavior via user behavior analysis.

Track and govern activity for both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps, including those not administered by the organization. Employ forward proxy, Gateway, or Mirror Gateway options to complete coverage for managed and unmanaged devices for any app.


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    Monitors use of any application

    Monitors use of any application, SaaS, and IaaS platforms through in-line traffic analysis

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    Control transactions

    Control transactions with both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps and accounts

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    Automatically identifies

    Automatically identifies sensitive data such as PII, PCI, PHI, source code, and more that is at risk through user activity and enables policy controls to prevent data loss

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    Real-time cloud application

    Extracts events from real-time cloud application traffic and delivers granular data including user, action, app, file data, device and much more

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    Cloud SOC User Behavior

    Cloud SOC User Behavior Analytics (UBA) leverages intelligence from Stream IQ and machine learning to automatically maintain individualized user profiles, map user activity, and compile a live user Threat Score

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    Enforces granular

    Enforces granular, context-aware policies based on based on Threat Score, abnormal user behavior, threat detection, or content classification

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    post incident tools

    Intuitive, post incident tools with simple visualizations allow deep-dive analysis of historical cloud activity

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    Zoom into desired information

    Zoom into desired information with easy-to-use filters, pivot views, free-form search, and actionable content

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    Enforce policies governing

    Enforce policies governing how HIPAA, PCI, PII, and other sensitive data is stored, shared, and accessed in the cloud

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    Cloud SOC offers

    Cloud SOC offers a range of deployment options to suit your organisation

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