Symantec Encryption Management Server

Many organizations have approached encryption tactically, employing various point solutions as needs arose. Unfortunately, deploying point solutions to protect disks, email, and files often involves deploying and managing multiple management consoles.

Encryption Management Server

This piecemeal approach increases the complexity and administrative work load of ensuring correct policy enforcement and deployment in a timely and cost-effective manner. Encryption Management Server manages and automates security policies across Symantec’s encryption solutions to defend sensitive data and avoid potential financial losses, legal ramifications, and brand damage resulting from a data breach.

The Symantec Encryption Management Server automatically creates and maintains a security architecture by monitoring authenticated users and their email traffic. You can also send protected messages to addresses that are not part of the security architecture.


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    Symantec Encryption Desktop

    Drive Encryption is a feature of Symantec Encryption Desktop that encrypts your entire hard drive or partition (on Windows systems), including your boot record, thus protecting all your files when you are not using them

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    Symantec File Share Encryption

    Symantec File Share Encryption users can protect their files and folders simply by placing them within a folder that is designated as protected

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    encrypted virtual disk

    PGP Virtual Disk volumes are a feature of Symantec Encryption Desktop that let you use part of your hard drive space as an encrypted virtual disk.

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    compressed package

    PGP Zip is a feature of Symantec Encryption Desktop that lets you put any combination of files and folders into a single encrypted, compressed package for convenient transport or backup.

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    Email Messages Remain Encrypted

    Desktop email encryption automatically encrypts email messages before they leave the client device, ensuring the contents of email messages remain encrypted in transit, on the mail server, backup server and storage systems

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    separately-licensed feature

    PGP Portable is a separately-licensed feature that enables you to send encrypted files to users who do not have Symantec Encryption Desktop software

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    Multiple Encryption Consoles

    Unified Administration Console–Eliminate the cost of maintaining multiple encryption consoles and minimize the risk of inconsistent security policies

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    Audit Activities Around Multiple Encryption

    Logging, Monitoring, & Reporting–Reduce the time needed to audit activities around multiple encryption solutions

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