Isolation Environment

Symantec’s approach to isolation provides you with a server-side isolation environment where all your web browsing and email are physically isolated away from your internal networks and infrastructure. Web Isolation eliminates any web-borne threats from reaching user devices by executing web sessions remotely and only sending safe rendering information to users’ browsers.

Symantec Web Isolation maximizes business and user productivity with secure, unrestricted web access to un-categorized and potentially risky websites while minimizing operational overhead and complexity related to managing web access policies, support tickets, security alerts and forensic investigations.


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    Protected Access

    Allow protected access to un-categorized or potentially risky sites

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    Blocking Advanced Malware

    Avoid patient zero by blocking advanced malware and targeted phishing attacks, minimizing alerts, investigations and remediation efforts

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    Business Productivity

    Increase business productivity by giving employees access to a broader set of websites

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    Web Access Policies

    Simplify web access policies and minimize support tickets requesting access to blocked sites

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    combat phishing

    Symantec Web Isolation can combat phishing attacks by making email links to malicious websites harmless

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    Executives and Privileged Users

    Secure web browsing for executives and privileged users whose access to sensitive documents and systems makes them highly prized targets for cybercriminals

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    Prevent Users from Disclosing

    Prevent users from disclosing corporate credentials to malicious websites

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    patented Transparent Clientless

    Symantec’s patented Transparent Clientless Rendering (TCR) technology provides a seamless user experience through the native browser, indistinguishable from browsing directly to the web

Offered As A Managed Cloud Service

on-premise virtual appliance, or as a hybrid model, Web Isolation easily integrates with existing Symantec ProxySG, ASG and VSWG deployments. Combining web isolation with Symantec ProxySG, ASG and VSWG products provides an isolation layer to protect users in real-time from threats targeting them from uncategorized sites or URLs with potentially unsafe risk profiles.

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